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be safe. be seen.

our mission

Natchez Trace Cycling is a non-profit cycling organization. Our mission is to raise awareness for cycling safety along the Natchez Trace Parkway.

here are a few top events in the area where NTC participates in

Cyclists call the Natchez Trace Parkway a road of glass (referring to the smooth surface of the road), through the lush southern landscape. Because the parkway ride is uninterrupted by traffic lights and it has no turns to map, cyclists can focus on relaxation and the pure joy of riding. Many cyclists also choose to ride the parkway to feel its connection to history. Many avid cyclists consider the Natchez Trace as a "bucket list" item. Cycling clubs along the parkway sponsor organized rides throughout the year.


Motorists and cyclists share the same space on the parkway. Unlike modern public highways built primarily for automobile transportation, the road through the park has no paved shoulders, and each lane is two feet narrower than the current modern standard. Posted speed limits are lower than on comparable public highways. Both bicycles and automobiles have the same right to occupy the park road. The numerous curves, changing angles and directions of sunlight on the curves, and shadowing effect of foliage present unique challenges for drivers on the parkway. Drivers who travel long distances on the road or who travel the road often may not be as alert as other drivers. While riding on the parkway, you are encouraged to make yourself visible to motorists as much as possible.

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