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Now our safety kits consist of hi-lumen lights and bike/helmet mirrors. Since 99% of encounters between automobiles and cyclists occur from the rear, we are focusing on educating the cyclist to become a more defensive rider. Being SEEN as well as being DEFENSIVE in their riding.

here are a few top events in the area where NTC participates in

be safe. be seen.

Consider the safety features below to make yourself more visible. There is no certainty that even if you take all precautions possible, a motorist will see you. Though motorists are required to observe the three-foot passing rule, be alert for motorists, particularly in more heavy-traffic areas such as Ridgeland, Tupelo, Clinton, and the Franklin/Nashville area where larger numbers of motorists use the park road to commute. An off-road multi-use trail is available for cyclists in the park through Ridgeland.

High Visibility// 

High-visibility safety green or yellow clothing improves visibility, whereas black, dark green or other dark or natural colors can act to camouflage you in the natural landscape. Notice the difference in the visibility of the two cyclists in the photo at the top of the page. Even if you wear bright, non-natural colored clothing, low angles of sunlight in the mornings and evenings may prevent motorists from seeing you.


Flashing 180 degree lighting set at proper angles on both the front and rear of the bike may provide some additional visibility.


Cyclists, particularly those in reclining cycles, often add flags in a high visibility color to make themselves more visible.


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share the parkway safety program//

natchez trace cycling Natchez Trace Cycling works with the National Park Service and Adventure Cycling Association to study and improve safety conditions on the parkway. The goal is to make a visit to the park a safe and enjoyable experience for motorists, cyclists, hikers, and every other visitor.


cyclists staying overnight on the parkway are encouraged to plan their trips to use designated campgrounds found on the Natchez Trace Parkway map.


Bicycle-only Campground Sites include:

  • Kosciusko, mile post 159

  • Witch Dance, mile post 234

  • Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center, mile post 266

  • Colbert's Ferry, mile post 327

  • Tennessee Highway 50, mile post 408

organized rides//

groups and clubs

along the Natchez Trace Parkway sponsor organized rides throughout the year. Several rides support Natchez Trace Cycling.

Organized rides include the following:

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